Use Of Forests (silent, A/B Reels)

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Use Of Forests (silent, A/B Reels)

The film captures a variety of everyday activities and environmental interactions in the 1950s, emphasizing outdoor and rural life, along with some industrial scenes. It starts with a boy engaging with nature by cutting and shaving a tree branch. In another scene, a woman pulls fabric while a man works with a film camera, illustrating domestic and recreational life. The narrative includes traditional crafting like working with resin and turpentine in a workshop, and leisure activities like fishing in a forest creek. Additionally, the film portrays forestry management and logging operations, where men cut trees, plant new ones, and manage forest products. The educational aspects are highlighted in scenes showing instruction on natural subjects and forestry management. Industrial activities at a paper mill are also depicted, showing the process from wood pulp to paper production.

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