Nature Of Color (1-3 cans, raw footage)

"Per second price:" $40.00 /seconds


The film from the 1940s showcases various visual and experimental scenes, starting with a woman arranging flowers and manipulating statues and colored discs to demonstrate color mixing. An 18th-century man uses a prism to reveal a rainbow on a poster, while scenes of nature, including ducks in a pond near a large house, set a serene backdrop. The film delves into the use of prisms and projectors to create and highlight color spectrums on walls, featuring yellow, pink, and green circles. It transitions into more technical aspects, such as film developing, with hands maneuvering strips of movie film on a lightbox and a teenage boy editing film. The use of colored cubes and text boxes illustrates the cross-section of movie film. Further, the film explores the process of creating magazine covers with a three-color printing press and the operation of printing machinery with colored inks. It ends with artistic experiments involving colored transparencies and an artist painting in a studio, emphasizing the blending of colors and the merging of circles to form new hues.

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