Man Who Missed His Breakfast (1940s ca.)

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Man Who Missed His Breakfast (1940s ca.)

This film begins with a family about to eat breakfast. To keep track of their nutrition, the family has a chart to keep track of whether or not everyone finishes their meals. An expected visitor for the morning’s breakfast, Uncle Bill, a military spy with an eye out for Soviets, misses breakfast. We rejoin the family for dinner and Uncle Bill’s arrival. As the family tunes into a radio program on nutrition, the film then illustrates the rules and importance of sound nutrition. With accompanying visuals of various foods, the radio narrator emphasizes the seven basic food groups and the need to eat them in the right amounts and at regular times. Doing so allows the strong, healthy and able bodies needed in the times of war and peace. The film shows us examples of these strong bodies: schoolchildren, football players, a rowing crew, and even soldiers on the battlefield. As the film concludes we return to the family from the beginning of the film and Uncle Bill assures the family he will not miss breakfast, or any meal for that matter, tomorrow A 1940s video shows a family having breakfast, engaging in conversations, and listening to the radio while scenes of various activities like farming, sports, and military actions are intercut.

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