Animals In Rocket Flight (1952)

Summary: Outtakes of SFP 316. Preparation of monkeys and white mice for flight in the Aerobee Missile at Holloman AFB, 1952. Summary: Reel 1: 1) CU section of rocket which contains various recording instruments. 2) CU monkey secured in rocket. 3) CU another monkey in compartment of rocket, various recording instruments fastened to same. 4) MS end of rocket which contains instruments. Other views same scene description. 5) High angle shot down on group of personnel inspecting the tip of the rocket, men at right of scene holding up parachute to screen view from same. 6) CU placing of monkey into chamber. 7) MS section of rocket lying on ground. 8) ECU placing of monkey into chamber. 9) CU monkey securly fastened to instrument, monkey is kicking. SLATE: 16 MAY 1952. LOCATION: ALAM0GORDO AERO MED LAB. INTERIORS. 10) CU technicians looking into microscope. 11) CU one technician looking into microscope. 12) CU an airman operates a balance scale. 13) CU a technician looking through a microscope. 14) MS airman operating balance scales. 15) CU assembling of rocket, showing the placing of the monkey in the rocket compartment. 16) CU base of launching tower. 17) CU two doctors preparing monkey for flight in rocket, shows doctor giving monkey shot in leg, shows the doctor untaping the legs of the monkey. Reel 2: 1) CU technician standing at base of launching tower talking into microphone. 2) Low angle shot toward top of launching tower, technicians assemblying rocket. 3) Several views of placing of animal in compartment. 4) MS tip of rocket, monkey is seated in compartment, technician walks into scene and feeds monkey. 5) CU monkey eating. 6) CU woman technician walks into room, opens lid to a box, picks up a white mouse and places it in the palm of her hand. 7) ECU mouse, places it back into the box. 8) CU looking into the inside of the box showing two mice and six baby mice. 9) CU pressure demand oxygen regulator, instrument is on a turn table. 10) MS woman technician walks into scene, removes lid from box and takes out white mouse, places it in her palm. 11) CU monkey seated in rocket. 12) CU white mice. SLATE: AUGUST 4, 1952. LOCATION: AEROMED SCENE: PHYSIOLOGY OF ROCKET FLIGHT. FEEDING ANIMAL. 13) CU pressure demand oxygen regulator. 14) ECU monkey eating. 15) CU pressure demand, oxygen regulator. 16) CU two monkeys in a cage. 17) High angle shot down into cage of white mice. 18) CU two monkeys in a cage. Reel 3: 1) LNT control house, sergeant talking into microphone. 2) LS launching tower. 3) INT control room as officer pushes switch for firing of rocket. 4) LS 1aunching tower. 5) LS control building, R-5 at left of scene. 6) CU R-5 at left of scene. 7) CU R-5 flies over camera. 8) MLS control tower. 9) CU officer pushes switch for launching of rocket. 10) CU PS from tail section to the tip of an RTV-A-1 Aerobee and launching stand. Aerobee missile is being placed into position in the launching tower. 11) CU Aerobee missile on dolly. Installation of instruments in nose section of missile. Reel 3 contd.: 12) MS monkeys in a cage. 13) CU monkey seated in a compartment which will be placed in the aerobee. 14) CU cage containing monkey. SLATE: 24 APRIL 1952. LOCATION: AEROMED. 15) INT Aeromed laboratory at Holloman Air Force Base. Woman technician enters scene and places a white mouse into a transparent hollow globe, technician starts globe spinning so that it rotates slowly, mouse remains on bottom of sphere. 16) CU nose of rocket, technician checking instrument in same. 17) CU electronic instrument which is to be placed into rocket, technician shows all sides of the instrument, places it in nose of rocket. 18) CU showing the testing of the electronics in the rocket. Reel 4: CU two technicians checking electronic instruments in nose section of the Aerobee. 2) CU little white mouse in a glass sphere on an instrument to be used in testing upper atmosphere. 3) CU preparing of monkey for test, doctor giving monkey a shot. 4) ECU monkey as two doctors perform minor operation. 5) CU animated cutaway of Aerobee, points out the tank assembly, the motor, the tail structure, the fin, thrust structure, igniter, et cetra. 6) CU tip of nose section on the Aerobee. Reel 4 contd.: 7) CU tip of Aerobee missile, hand holding testing instrument, hand conveys instrument toward nose section at a given point, a light on top of instrument is on, when placed closer to nose section the light goes out. 8) CU captain and a master sergeant hold a ribbon parachute. 9) CU tip of the Aerobee, camera pans to the right to the tail section. 10)MCU Aerobee missile on trailer. Captain and master sergeant walk into scene, hold up a ribbon parachute, fold parachute, walk out of scene 11) Closer view, same scene description, hold parachute up next to Aerobee missile, possibly to demonstrate location of parachute. 12) CU nose section of Aerobee missile, skin is removed, technicians make last-minute adjustments to various upper atmosphere research instrument. 13) CU PS from L to R of Aerobee missile on trailer. 14) MS two technician making last minute check on various instruments in rocket. One technicians holding X-shaped antenna, another technician is holding instrument, walks up to antenna, walks over to missiles. 15) CU technician checking the missile. Reel 5: 1) MCU monkey lying on a table in Aeromed Lab, technician is preparing monkey for test. 2) CU placing of monkey into Aerobee missile. Reel 5 contd.: 3) MLS instrument heed of the Aerobee missile TITE: WADC FILM ROPORT. ANOTHER TITLE, PHYSIOLOGY OF ROCKET FLIGHT, ACCELERATION SUB-GRAVITY AND HIGH ALTITUDE ESCAPE STUDY. PRODUCED BY THE MOTION PICTURE BRANCH TECHNICAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES SECTION, MATERIAL DIVISION, WRIGHT AIR DEVELOPMENT CENTER. SLATE: 30 DECEMBER 1952. 4) PS from R to L of administrative buildings and laboratories on base. 5) CU Aeromed personnel make last minute check on monkeys installed in compartment of missile. 6) MS technicians checking the electronic instruments. 7) CU captain and sergeant displaying a ribbon parachute. 8) CU technician checking section of Aerobee missile. Good.

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